Genius Vision Digital (GVD), a well-known professional HD IP surveillance solution provider, has been dedicated to developing and enhancing innovative video management systems and network video recorders for large-scale, multi-site, and transportation since 2007 in Taipei.

We offer total solutions with 6 innovative design concepts in order to provide the best security products.

  • Scalable Platforms : for better expansion and flexible systems.
  • HD Empowerment : for better performance and advanced software.
  • Open Platforms: for better integration with third-party systems.
  • Reliable Systems : for better cost saving and secure design.
  • Turnkey Solutions : for better efficiency and easy Installations.
  • Total Solutions : for wider application and market leading products.

GVD offers a complete new generation of platforms, Video Management System (E Series) , which allow users project up scaling through flexible add-ons, GVD product components such as Video Wall Decoders (D Series), Enterprise NVRs (M6 Series), Mobile NVRs (M1 Series), LPR Servers (C5001-LPR), Backup Servers (X6 Series), Failover Servers (X5 Series), Directory Servers (C5002), and Integration Gateways (C5001), that are turnkey and reliable products with industrial-level design and redundancy support and protected by a 2 years standard warranty providing free repair or replacement.

All of GVD IP surveillance solutions are built on an open platform, which allows customers to easily integrate with various systems (ACS, POS, LPR, Fire, Alarm). We have a lot of successful experience in various fields such as governments, airports, transportation, banks, hotels, schools, and retails to meet customers' requirements.

GVD has become a world-class surveillance products company by providing VMS/CMS platforms and ensuring the best customer service in project implementation and systems maintenance. Our mission is to become a top, large-scale, provider to design the best stable and flexible, intuitive IP surveillance systems and provide customers the best service in the security industry.

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